Project Description

Product description

Usage View Solar Eclipse
Frame Material 2*250g white cardboard mounted
Lens Color Black or silver
Lens 2 lay film Eclipse lenses ND=5
Size Unfolded 410 mm* 37mm

Folded   140mm* 37mm or custom

Printing Customized full color/ 4c printing
Sample FREE samples
Delivery Time 15 days since the order is confirmed 
Package 100pcs per opp bag, 2000pcs/carton  
Carton Size 420*400*200 mm

Our advantage

Designed with safety in mind, our eclipse glasses features

* Scratch resistant polymer lens

* ND 5 ( 0.00001 transmission) for direct visual use

* A+ grade glue between the 2 layer film can effect block the sunshine

* Specific American high quality sliver lens film can excellent heat insulation

* Filter out 100% of both UV and infrared light.

* Filter out 99.999% of the intense visible light

* CE certified

Why choose us?

Safety Warning

Never look directly at the sun: It can permanently damage your eyes! You must use Eclipse

Glasses to look at any type of solar eclipse.  

Normal sunglasses will not protect from the intense rays when the moon passes over the sun.         

Even looking for just a few seconds could seriously damage your eye sight and possibly

lead to permanent blindness. Your eyes and other optical devices concentrate the extremely

strong visible and invisible radiation such as infrared and ultraviolet light from the Sun onto

the retina. Which can permanently destroy the ability of the retina to detect light. The retina

has no sensitivity to pain, so there is no warning that injury is occurring and the effects of

retinal damage may not appear for hours.

User Instructions

*Inspect each time before use. Do not use if damaged, torn, or punctured.

*Do not use with other optical devices. This is not a toy. Children must be supervised.

*Limited to 3 minutes continuous use, intermittently for several hours. Do not move around when in use.

*Do not use with diseased eye or after eye surgery. Optical density 5.0. Safe for direct solar viewing.

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Prepare for the eclipse, 21 August 2017

ByTomon January 12, 2017

I did get this on a whim for the eclipse in 2017, because knowing me, I’d forget, and they’ll

probably be more expensive by then, anyway. As soon as they arrived I put a pair on and

went outside and looked at the sun, which is a wholly unnatural thing to do, but kinda neat.

And they work great.


Once in a lifetime experience.

By Polite and Kindon December 6, 2016

These are great. Bought them for the eclipse in Aug 2017. Got enough for our whole family

so everyone will have a pair. We will all get together from all over the country and gather in

Colorado and on the day of the TOTAL ECLIPSE, we will drive a short distance up to

Wyoming to an area where the eclipse will be total for just over 2 minutes. This will be a once

in a lifetime experience I want before I die. I bought early because I am sure as time gets

closer, all the certified sun watching items will be taken.


Can’t wait for the eclipse

ByScoeon February 13, 2017

I bought this early to prepare for the eclipse in August because I live in the center of the

shadow’s path. They reduce the sun to an orange disk and that is all that you can see so

I’m sure they will be great this summer. Glad it was a multi pack so I can share them.

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